Fuck grime. Lo-Tek Hi-Fi don‘t cater to trends; the sound-system stylee they display on Mixed Blessings is much more a case of hardcore electro-ragga originality than garage-meets-crunk predictability. Imagine T.O.K. under ‘nuff Guinness and a considerable amount of hashish spliffs, and that‘s the Lo-Tek vibe, innit? This UK bashment music is just as orchestrated and well-arranged as its Jamaican dancehall-pop counterparts (and, like TOK, features a baritone MC), but Lo-Tek-while skilled at hooks, choruses and what-not-eschews obvious commerciality in favor of a much more underground flavor. With all this rude boy attitude going on, you‘d expect Roots Manuva to show up, which he does on “Move Ya Ting.” But this is Lo-Tek‘s show, and they run it red enough to request many rewinds.