Estrogentronica: a new name for women producers putting a distinctively feminine spin on the male-dominated field of IDM. Sexist pigeonholing? Perhaps, but it’s hard to deny that a new wave of challenging female artists-Colleen, Mileece, Tujiko Noriko and now Chib (Tokyo’s Yukiko Chiba)-share sound design that privileges delicate, pointillist melodies and enchanting drift over brash gestures; their tracks explore the grey area between experimental techno, twee pop and Pauline Oliveros pioneering drone excursions. Moco, Chib’s debut album, blends field recordings and obscure blues and chamber orchestra samples with primitive piano, guitar and cello playing, forging music of beautiful pathos and beguiling oddness. While some of Moco comes off as a naive collage, most of its gnomic tone poems sound like the contents of a Neptunean music box.