Collecting 19 tracks from 13 artists (not including remixers), Monika: Force shows the Monika Enterprise label‘s strength is not rooted in any concussive propulsion; rather, it confidently embraces that pop trope: the hook. Since 1997, Monika Enterprises has nurtured a roster of artists-including Barbara Morgenstern, Chica + The Folder, Figurine, Contriva, The Burka Band, and Cobra Killers-for whom cyclical melody supercedes momentum. There‘s also something subtle and caressing about each song here, something feminine in the chiming, folkish flourishes. Perhaps alluding to a generation of Germans rebuilding broken homes in patchwork cities through hybrid technology, this collection of rarities exudes a welcoming electrocoustic aura-computer music more for the hearth than the concert hall.