Krystal Klear has made a name for himself crafting dancefloor music that doesn’t shy away from a retro palette. So far, it seems to be working for him, and even as more and more producers flock to similarly ’80s- and ’90s-informed sounds, the UK producer is sticking to his guns.

“More Attention” appears to be the first Krystal Klear production to feature an outright vocal collaborator in Jenna G. For the most part, the vocalist is treated like a sample, chopped and looped to fit within the glistening house track, and only really landing on two full phrases throughout the six-plus-minute run (a “featuring” tag is really a stretch here). Still, there’s something that just doesn’t sit right with Jenna G’s performance. Despite its treatment like a sample, her crisp and clean delivery is implemented in such a way that it comes off as a bit forced and even too clear—there’s a fine line where meaninglessly sexy vocal refrains push retro-minded club tracks over the top, and “More Attention” gets dangerously close to that line. However, as is usually the case in club music, the vocal contribution can largely be taken as an afterthought and the underlying track—a silky, organ-led slice of celestial house—comes in solid enough to make up for the vocal’s shortcomings.

Fortunately, Krystal Klear really delivers on the b-side, the similarly organ-led “My Love Is Burning.” Besides substituting a male vocal sample—which at times sounds like crooner Michael McDonald—for the lead and taking on a bit more mood, the b-side cut is really not all that different from its flipside counterpart. Yet the syncopated chords and churning four-on-the-floor of “My Love Is Burning” somehow manage to find a more effortless tone; it’s just more fun. Perhaps it’s easier to stomach the necessarily garish vocal reworkings of vintage-inspired house and boogie when we know the sampled serenaders had no idea they were going to be a part of it.