Japanese releases are often extortionately expensive and extremely rare in the West. Nik Weston, an infamous collector and promoter of Asian electronic music, has come to the aid of the listening public with this collection. The ‘Soljazz instrumental’ of the gorgeously named Gagle’s “Practise & Tactix” is stylish jazz-hop, with a distressed string workout, disjointed rough-and-ready percussion and an overzealous reverbed bass. Osunlade uses a heart-stopping piano, saddened vocals that recognize the truth and fly-away strings to produce a melancholic reinterpretation of UFO’s “Listen Love.” Calm supplies the emotive “De-tuned Atmosphere” which combines an intriguing flute, emphatic beaten percussion, a transporting synth and teary-eyed keys. Ken Ishii’s “Awakening” is initially a surprising choice, but one listen to the rushing keys, backwards acid keyboard work and hot-footed percussion make everything crystal clear. This is just the tip of a colossal musical iceberg.