The title is presumably intended as a play on words, simultaneously referencing the Get Physical label and Booka Shade’s own place in the scheme of scenes and trends. Featuring interpretations and album versions of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier’s crossover hits, Body “Language” and “Mandarine Girl,” Movements was being dubbed an “important” album three months before its actual release. Thankfully, the long-player lives up to expectations, with the duo applying their dexterity as sound designers to their usual expansive tech-house; a technoid-disco take on Thai music; metallic, neo-Detroit techno; and, most unexpectedly, a convincing (deliberate) homage to Sigur Rós. The latter band isn’t an obvious comparison point but Booka Shade shares with the Icelanders a keen sense of space and atmosphere, making Movements a joy.