Remix compilations can be like pro sports, with the field crowded with wannabe superstars all trying to outdo each other and win a big contract in the process. Mixt, a collection of remixes of the duo Multiplex, deftly dodges the showmanship problem by handing a superb group of remixers an equally superb set of tracks and letting them run wild, so that everyone scores big. Russian duo EU fashion a gorgeous version of “Neuteq,” with buzzes and hums hanging suspended, and a rhythmic dripping effect wandering around catching the beat. Animals on Wheels transform “Bevel” from a piano-led dirge to a piece of scratchy musique concrete with aching slowness. Then Mitchell Akiyama tears the roof off using “Patience,” as his fuzzy, crackling wall of sound drifts with the intensity of a winter storm sprawling across the Doppler. Put simply, Mixt is a handpicked championship IDM team playing with the home-field advantage provided by Multiplex’s excellent originals.