Veteran electro producer and Datapunk label chief Anthony Rother easily slips the bonds of 4/4 structures and descends into sinuous beat labyrinths via his double-CD Telekraft-label debut. My Name Is Beuys Von Telekraft douses Rother’s minimal rhythms with lo-fi textures and robotic vocals, lending the feel of a nightmarish cloning factory. More than anything, Rother is a mood sculptor: Atmospheres ranging from the darkly sinister to the exuberant waft off these tracks like gasoline fumes. Check “Girl Construction,” an exercise in muted static and shadowy vocals, which could be an android love ode. Other standouts include the title cut, “64 Bit Audio,” and “Liquid System,” each stirring up dancefloor vibes with Rother’s plowing basslines and taut, electrifying melodies. Go, robots, go!