Cepia (a.k.a. Huntley Miller) creates finely wrought, melodic IDM-or what your uncle once called “armchair techno.” While Cepia’s highly nuanced compositions probably won’t make you dance, they will induce pleasant daydreams and geeky appreciation of their meticulous construction. Natura Morta is Cepia’s most rhythm-centric release yet. Don’t be lulled by opener “Braille Wounds”‘s beatific, Budd-like keyboard whorls, because “Opening Parade” will jolt you out of your reverie with its rugged, complex hip-hop beats, which contrast with winsomely wistful synth pads. Natura Morta‘s best tracks follow that approach, juxtaposing tough, skittering beats with genteel, genial synth motifs-the sonic equivalent of a boxer festooned with feather boas.