George FitzGerald‘s Needs You EP is another solid entry in the London producer’s blossoming discography. Since 2010, he’s been cranking out an infectious brand of deep, bass-heavy house that tends to stick to the brain like threads of cotton candy to wet fingers—it only takes one listen to get the “Ooh baby/Like a child” vocal sample from “Child” or the uplifting rave chords on “Feel Like” stuck in one’s head. Needs You adds two fresh originals to FitzGerald’s growing collection of hooky singles and EPs, and comes packaged with an effective remix by Deetron.

While past FitzGerald productions like “Lights Out” and “Weakness” reveled in rumbling low end and muted synths, “Needs You” clocks in at the more energetic end of his discography. It kicks off with a driving house beat and bright piano chords, which build and drop off into smoldering bass tones. The b-side, “Every Inch,” is only slightly darker, but it’s ultimately no less catchy or propulsive than the title track. The song deals in surging chords and a rolling rhythm, but its clipped vocal samples prove to be as sticky as they are soulful, from the throaty wail to the repetitive quip of “Every inch, every inch.” However, the remix of the b-side by Swiss producer Deetron finds FitzGerald’s work slouching into gummier sounds, as he warps the original’s fluid synths into a cramped acid melody and threads it through a throbbing beat and a guttural murk of low end. And yet, even though Deetron’s rework constitutes the most moody and bass-heavy work on the EP, it’s as animated and energetic as its brothers.