Adam Forkner (a.k.a. White Rainbow) continues to astound on his second full-length for Kranky. The Portland resident’s loop-based jams have always had a truly organic, ‘free’ feeling, but New Clouds emphasizes these tonal elements while simultaneously being the best-sounding record he has ever created. With synth washes and guitar lines whipping in and out amidst Forkner’s soaring vocalizations and subtle percussive elements, the music floats in the ether—a track like the epic “All the Boogies in the World” recalls traditional Irish music, Brian Eno’s ambient works, Enya, fuzzed-out garage punk, Underworld, and jazz-fusion percussive styles. There is no pinning White Rainbow down, as Forkner defies easy definition in favor of creating gorgeous aural structures that uniquely bend both time and genre.