Is this just some self-indulgent riot grrl manifesto full of shallow, man-eating lyrics over shallower electropunk beats? Fuck no, sister, it’s a kick-ass sampler of international musical curiosities: some of them fall into the shrinking gap between rock and dance, others are of the ambient/abstract/glitch ilk, and still others are novel, genre-less gems that Parisian label Tsunami Addiction has compiled from around the world for your exploratory pleasure. There are catchy retropunk stylings by Cewecee, NYC trio The Red Lights, and queer Berliners Rhythm King and Her Friends, whose piece of the pie is a truly nu amalgamation of funky breaks, aggressive vocals and slide guitar. Throughout the 15 unnamed tracks, elements of no-wave, surf rock, kraut rock, lo-fi drone pop, neo-classical avant garde and all sorts of post-whatever experimentation collide. The Konki Duet’s contribution for instance-two cute French and Japanese girls singing breathily over a minimal bell ritornello-is one of those novelties you just won’t forget. After listening, no one will feel unlucky.