Twenty-some years ago, a young Jamaican singer named Half Pint ushered in a new era of roots reggae with classic dancehall anthems like “Mr. Landlord,” “Cost of Living,” “Crazy,” and “Greetings.” He’s since mellowed a bit, as evidenced by the irie surf-rock vibe of No Stress Express’ opener, “Unity” (featuring Sublime’s Jack Maness). That’s followed by a ska-ish cover of The Cars’ “Best Friend’s Girl,” several chilled lovers’ rock joints, and a smattering of traditional Rasta material like “Babylon Release the Chain,” “Children of His Majesty” (featuring Sly & Robbie), and “Bad Boys” (featuring Sizzla) sprinkled in among the lighthearted, worry-free tunes. Half Pint’s voice may have lost some crispness, but it’s still 100% niceness. Put this on, light one up, exhale… and watch the stress evaporate.