Two is such an eventful, interactive age. An independence milestone, two is definitely good for reminiscing. And such is the role of this compilation, on which Death From Abroad presents Berlin-based label Supersoul Recordings. With the DFA’s James Murphy on record as an Italo, piano house, and electro fan, it stands to reason his sub-label would survey two years’ output from label head Xaver Naudascher, Skatebård, Plastique de Réve, Walter Jones, and more. Ensconcing Detroit techno’s more recumbent percussion and Chicago’s ramping acid in cosmic resin, many winking tracks worry more about gradual base groove than immediately dominating bass. Nearing or exceeding seven minutes, tracks detune and condense. There’s a smattering of squelchy cataracts, but this isn’t supersaturated big-room stuff. Hints of Nordic New Romanticism’s flush, the clarity of LASIK synths, strangulated staccato palpitations, sub-bass caulking, and filmy chords make for some disco-dub gems.