Andrew McKenzie marks his 25th year as Hafler Trio with this follow-up to last year’s long drone piece, No Man Put Asunder. This gorgeously packaged album is supposedly based on words or vowels spoken by Einsturzende Neubauten’s Blixa Bargeld, but as usual with this kind of thing, backstory is secondary. Disc one comprises a cavernous, hour-long unnatural mantric roar with bits of high-register feedback that bide their time inaudibly in the background. The world of discernible sound seems to twitter in the maw of the piece until it’s all swallowed in a huge rumble 40 minutes in. Disc two’s hour is relatively more kinetic, working from slowly shifting, sustained mid-tone chimes to vocal chants to high-register peals to Blixa’s digitally stretched and twirled vocal. Meditative and massive.