The reggae world lost producer, singer, and bandleader Keith Hudson in 1984, and its taken the last 20 years to grasp his accomplishments. Nuh Skin Up provides revelations about this journeyman, who recorded in Kingston and New York, offering 11 mostly dub tracks from the late ’70s. Hudson had hits and his share of misses-Skin contains brilliant moments and a few duds. “Dreadful Words Dub” and “Bad Things Dub” encapsulate Hudson’s penchant for brooding melodies, thunderclap effects, and splashing drum echoes. These songs, along with the title track and “Words Dub,” sound as good as vintage King Tubby, but the addition of several mediocre tunes, recorded with “a white reggae band from Baltimore” (according to the liner notes) sully this fantastic flashback.