Former art-school duo Teengirl Fantasy (a.k.a. Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi) has laid fairly low since the 2012 release of its second full-length record, Tracer. Nun, a new four-track EP for London/LA collective This Is Music, finds the pair continuing to pull inspiration from a range of sources and exploring a diverse palette of instrumental sounds.

Whereas many tracks on Tracer felt somewhat loosely constructed, the first half of Nun shows a invigoratingly detailed sense of arrangement. The leading title track expertly contrasts interweaving vintage and modern synth timbres while utilizing a palette of dark, R&B-like percussive sounds. Next up is “Eric,” which shifts between a soft-focus arpeggio and a brisk, drum & bass-referencing loop in a quick-cutting arrangement that is as exciting as it is disorienting. Weiss and Takahashi have never been shy about experimenting with a variety of reference points, but both “Nun” and “Eric” represent a focused energy in assimilating these diverse sounds into a greater whole.

Nun‘s final two efforts are less ambitious, though each is mesmerizing in its own way. “Platinum” finds the producers returning to familiar ’90s rave pads and resonant kick hits to create a sinewy, dark tune that stews more than erupts, while “Nun Beat” reworks the title track at a syrupy tempo. Despite clocking in at under 15 minutes, the plethora of ideas Teengirl Fantasy displays on Nun shows that the pair is unwilling to rest on its laurels and ultimately represents a bold step forward.