Guilty Simpson–like Phat Kat and other venerable Detroit MCs–hasn’t received much love from the industry until recently. But a little late support is better than none, as Guilty uses his Stones Throw debut to showcase his slow, well-pronounced flow and telling, thug-leaning raps. Even though this MC’s delivery isn’t all that hard-hitting, his words stick with you. Without glorifying the crime life, Guilty tells it like it is with lines like, “I don’t recommend it/But I choose to pack guns” (from the Madlib-produced banger “The Future”). Guilty isn’t all about the glocks and stick-ups, though. In fact, the realm of relationship rhymes is visited on occasion (“I Must Love You”) with surprisingly forthrightness. But regardless of the subject matter, Guilty manages to keep everyone listening. And the progressive yet accessible beats from Mr. Porter, Madlib, and select others often add to the replay value.