The distance between Atlanta and Lagos never seemed particularly close—until Nigerian-born, Dirty South-based artist Wale Oyejide arrived on the scene. Oyejide calls his innovative mix of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and post-neo-soul “broken jazz,” yet if anything, his revolutionary Afro-futurist stance suggests it’s time to build, not destroy. “There’s a War Going On,” as Oyejide’s lava-hot duet with Jay Dee proclaims, and he wants you to “Riot & Revolt”—not party & bullshit. Elsewhere, the hip-hop ancestors are praised in a duet with MF Doom, and listeners are urged to “Keep Pushing” and stop “Wasting Time.” Not only is this one of the most engaging and creative hip-hop albums you’ll hear this year, it’s easily one of the best.