As legions of promising record producers know, the only thing more difficult than releasing a critically acclaimed debut is following it up. Dilute yourself and lose the headz. Stray too far and confuse the lot. On his follow-up to the peerless Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives, Atlanta’s Scott Herren does neither-not that he worries about it. Some background: Vocal Studies birthed an endless deluge of daft journalistic neologisms (“blip-hop,” anyone?) as scribes and listeners alike tried in vain to pin down Herren’s MPC acrobatics, wherein he Cuisinarted Divine Styler and Freestyle Fellowship’s Mikah 9 over rhythm tracks that came on like Mantronix stuttering through a field of Velcro and broken-glass jazz. One Word Extinguisher is just Herren getting better. Which is to say, he makes insouciant beatbox music made for the summertime Brownstone stoop of your mind. And it’s all his own.