You likely don’t need to be reminded of one of dance music’s latest trends: Nascent bedroom producers using house rhythms as a skeleton to wrap their swirling synthscapes and borrowed vocal samples around. Teengirl Fantasy did it especially well with last year’s memorable “Cheaters,” Brooklyn duo Blondes is dropping a few records this year in that vein, and newcomers Grown Folk have shown strong potential by trimming down the haze to exhibit more clear-headed grooves. Mi Ami frontman Daniel Martin-McCormick tries his hand at the style on his latest solo outing as Ital, the “Only For Tonight” 12″, and the results are exciting, to be sure.

The record features two versions of Ital’s tune, an instrumental mix and the “Saviour’s Love Megamix.” The instrumental version is denoted as the original, but it’s the megamix that steals the show here, thanks to a blistering vocal performance ripped from Candi Staton’s 1986 cut “You Got the Love.” Though it’s certainly not the first time the diva’s voice has livened up a mix, Ital breathes new fire into the soul of those timeless vocal melodies with dense layers of analog synth haze, busied dance beats, and an anthemic bassline. Alternately, Staton’s voice helps give Martin-McCormick’s instrumental track some direction. Those hooks tie together the drifty, relatively structureless seven minutes of “Only For Tonight” in a way that’s reminiscent of both the classic sounds it references and the contemporaries with which it shares ideas. It’s an enticing and complimentary match, one that we look forward to hearing progress further on whatever Ital does next.