Jamaica’s gentle falsetto vocalist Cornel Campbell has been resurfacing lately on a number of British and German electronic roots and dub recordings. In particular, his work on Berlin’s Burial Mix last year, combined with the reissues of classic Campbell hits such as “Queen Of The Minstrels” and “Up Park Camp,” unleashed a flood of interest in his early music. Blood and Fire’s brilliant 2000 release I Shall Not Remove showcased many of Campbell’s best tracks from 1975 through 1980, Original Blue Recordings fills in some more gaps. Original captures Campbell’s basic repertoire: American soul covers (Curtis Mayfield’s “I’m The One Who Loves You”), lovers rock (“Just One Kiss”) and apocalyptic prophecies (“Beginning Of The End”). Campbell’s silky, Mayfield-mimicking voice falters occasionally when he tries to cram too many words into a verse, and a small portion of these 20 tunes are a tad bland. But when he’s redoing Jamaican classics like Ernest Wilson’s “Undying Love,” there’s really no other singer (save Marley) that matches his prowess.