On his proper debut, vocalist/producer Koushik crafts tunes that are beyond airy. Inspired heavily by ’60s psych vibes, the Vermont-based multi-talent sings in an ethereal lull and produces with a gentle hand. His penchant for trippiness can sometimes lead him to steer too close to a sleepy state, like on the minimalist number “Ifoundu.” But Koushik’s hypnotic sounds are more often funky enough to tap your foot along to. The intricate and dream-like groove of “Be With” is beautiful, with the string samples and all the carefully executed details weaving in and out of the downtempo drums. And as a testament to his versatility, Koushik showcases his hip-hop influences on the minute-long instrumentals placed sparingly throughout the album–most impressively on the flute-laced “Forest Loop.” With his first long-player, Koushik proves to have found his comfort zone among all the airiness while also allowing room for growth.