If its first two singles are an accurate taste of Deetron‘s forthcoming sophomore album, then the LP might very well be a vocal-heavy affair. “Crave,” released at the close of last year, saw the Swiss veteran smear Hercules & Love Affair’s Andy Butler onto strutting, disco-infused house, and its follow-up, “Out of My Head,” is equally voice-oriented, as it features Ovasoul7‘s buttery tones stretched across seven terrace-filling minutes.

It’s a house record reminiscent of recent Innervisions releases, but though Deetron’s hand is a deft one—the bells ring out, the strings stab and glide in the right places—the slightly lackluster dub proves that this is a record made by its vocal. Ovasoul7 infuses things with personality, and drapes the chattering hats and snares in something capable of lifting a field of arms at any festival, though it’s debatable how long the impression will last once they’re down.

Given the slight absence of charisma, it’s fortunate that George FitzGerald and KiNK have been enlisted for remix duty. Each has forged a unique take on house music—the former by channeling some of dubstep’s introspective fragments, the latter by employing the analog growl of Chicago by way of The Hague—and both choose to keep Ovasoul7 front and center. FitzGerald’s take bears prints from the hand behind last year’s breakout “Child,” though things here develop in a tougher fashion, as a lengthy, kick-free intro coalesces into strident synths that pour their sheen around the deftly manipulated vocal. KiNK goes predictably bigger, dialling the buzzing, the bells, and the booming kicks up to 11 and peppering the whole affair with fizzing snare cracks. The Bulgarian beatmaker also supplies a dub of his own, but it once again falls short in comparison to the vocal take, which speaks volumes when one considers KiNK’s larger-than-life approach to production.