London-based drum & bass and future jazz stalwart Hospital Records unleashes a stellar take on futuristic rhythm-twisting with a high-gloss finish. Assembled by label manager Chris Goss, Out Patients 3 moves unabashedly from frantic, Latin-touched broken beat (on Ultrasound’s killer “Latin “) to dark, eerie beats-and-bass workouts (Chris Finguz & Siobhan Gallagher’s “Why Do We Do?”) and cerebral head-nodders (Infekto’s “My Groove”) without batting an eyelash. Keep an ear out for a few killer remixes along the way-High Contrast’s dancefloor anthem “Return of Forever” gets a bright, tropical sheen from Swell Sessions, and Stateless’s treatment of London Elektricity’s floor-filler “Wishing Well” turns the track into a fractured, dubbed-out tune with glimpses of vocals and crisp drum patterns working their way to the top. Absolutely essential listening for those searching for the future of drum & bass.