As Outbreaks‘ opening track suggests, “Something is Happening” in San Francisco-namely, organic funk/jazz grooves, conscious lyrics, metaphysical poets, transcendent soul singers, nimble-fingered turntablists, and improv-minded instrumentalists. Guaranteed to expand your worldview while affirming your spirituality, this second effort by the Wide Hive collective‘s amalgamated group of iconoclasts, featuring vocalists Azeem (AlphaZeta) and Omega (Blackalicious, Afro-Mystik), proves almost as sublime as the first one. You‘d have to be Donald Rumsfeld not to feel the message of “Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice” or Laura Bush not to vibe with the anti-oil dub excursion “Black Gold” (which spotlights chant/sing master Tony Moses). Outbreaks might be more a listen-all-the-way-through joint than a case of two hot singles and 10 mediocre tracks, but it‘s time (mostly) well spent.