Even in their earliest form, Autechre tracks had a handmade feel, assembled from richly manipulated sounds rather than standardized electronic building blocks. Oversteps is the latest product of the duo’s Max/MSP wizardry, and it recoups some of the coherence of their earlier, almost clubby songs with the more lateral processing and cryptic shapes of its predecessor, Quaristice. So while it’s not surprising that the results cover broad stylistic territory, it feels strange at first to find Booth and Brown back in a coherent musical zone. “known(1)”‘s processional synth harpsichord and plastic trumpet bleats even manage to cut a figure somehow close to late-era Coil. Other tracks—in the Autechre tradition—aren’t comparable to anything except Autechre, but as “see on see” proves, structured chaos can have feelings, too. It’s nice to find a little mystification from a duo that often prizes rigor over imagery.