This latest installation in Audiosphere’s excellent Invisible Architecture series is perhaps the most compelling to date. That the teaming of guitarist Oren Ambarchi, percussionist and MD-master G?nter M?ller, and cracked electronics virtuosos Voice Crack (Andy Guhl and Norbert Moslang) would yield such stellar results should come as no surprise. After all, as three-quarters of Poire_Z, M?ller, Guhl and Moslang are a tried-and-true combination. The fusion of Guhl and Moslang’s strategically placed buzzes, hums and squeals with M?ller’s soft, padding percussion is always a potent, elegantly abrasive mix. The addition of Ambarchi’s intricate guitar drones tempers the trio’s heady sound just slightly, without sacrificing any of its crackling intensity-or, indeed, its pearly evanescence.