Patrick “P-Sol” Sullivan has been DJing for two decades; he headed up the beloved Twelves Wax hip-hop record shop around the turn of the millennium; and he runs Wall of Fame, a label that can zero in on a boogiefied rhythm with the best of them. Therefore, he knows his stuff. And he proves it with his latest release, released on Matthew Moffre’s new—and, thus far, infallible—Love Tempo Records.

The EP’s namesake track borrows a bit of the rhythmic interplay and keys work from Super-Jay’s “Love Theme,” along with various other bits and pieces—including a naggingly familiar “if you want my love” vocal riff—and molds them into one exceedingly funky, head-bobbing whole. “Sadder Day” is aswirl with half-forgotten samples (including, we’re pretty sure, the vocal hook of Zhané’s “Saturday Night“), laced with far-away, hazy effects and anchored with loose-limbed percussion, lending the song with something of a dreamland-disco aura. Like “This Time,” it’s a rich, gorgeous cut, and, also like “The Time,” it’s a bit zonked-out as well—and it would likely pack any open-minded, disco-friendly dancefloor. Finally, “Twenty Two” is possibly the most immediately pleasurable of the EP, lifting its vocals, along with its warm and fuzzy feel, from the Floaters brilliant 1977 heart-melter, “Float On.” In Sullivan’s hands, there’s vague sense of psychedelia mixed in with the boogie, largely due to his skill as a sample collagist and his way with effects—the end result is like a more joyful version of the vibe from Trus’me‘s brilliant 2008 opus, Working Nights. And that’s high praise indeed.