Earlier this year Hendrik Krötz/Miwon’s “Brother Mole” popped its head up from the subterranean acid funk of Andrew Weatherall’s Fabric 19 mix; while it’s one of the few lovely spots there, the track is just one of Pale Glitter‘s many highlights. The album is alternately moody and playful, its happy-go-lucky electro bounce spooned by slow-burning opener “Semafora” and the Underworld-like hypnosis of “Hush.” Just as “When Angels Travel” entrances to the point of coma, the awesome crunchiness of “Spiralize” and “Vertizontale”–the latter of which buries an electro beat similar to that of Robyn’s “Show Me Love” in its web-revives interest in spades. CCO’s known for artists that shimmer, and this is simply their most luminous release of the year.