The first album from British multi-MIDI-instrumentalist Max Tundra in six years, these 10 tracks appropriately share a name with a phenomenon of angular displacement. Tundra’s tonal OCD shifts unrelentingly, rocking the point of perception from plane to plane. The one constant is spry pop instincts. Before Jamie Lidell hiccupped through the Motown and Stax catalogs, Tundra explored Paisley Park. These days he’s mixing diced funk with Scritti Politti’s wordplay and falsetto synth-pop patches. Then steps in the vintage sequencer’s gleeful micro-editing, which plays the part of twitchy hype man to the most exuberant, accessible hooks of Tundra’s career, mechanically galvanized to the max on “Which Song,” “Orphaned,” “Number Our Days,” and “Until We Die.”