Laidback guitar noodling fed through a well-worn wah pedal. Smoky, low-key vocals about loss, desolation and mistakes. Clean beats bumping lightly in the background. In other words, the usual Morcheeba fare, and what else would you expect from a “best of”? “Tape Loop” gets a crunchy upgrade, “Undress Me Now” is still an acoustic softie and “Moog Island” retains its initial floating-through-space sonic ambience. But this disc is preaching to the converted, some of whom are still waiting for Portishead to get off their lazy asses and make another album. And, while you may call this trip-hop, it’s about as psychedelic as a night spent at Starbucks. If you’re looking to put the trip back into your hop, grab DJ Shadow’s definitive singles retrospective Preemptive Strike instead. “