For those unfamiliar with Swiss-born, Cali-based artist, musician, and DJ Romanowski, dude is dually influenced by collage and hip-hop. His visual artworks are intricate 3-D assemblages that include found objects, spray cans, and action figures. Likewise, Romanowski’s hybrid rocksteady/hip-hop music is part sample patchwork, part funk, and always dope. So it makes sense that Roman packed as many artists as possible on this two-disc remix collection, including eclectic kindred souls DJ Smash, J-Boogie, Quantic, Zeph, and Up, Bustle & Out. There’s surprises galore, like DJ Sureshot’s bouncy, B.T. Express-style “Train Song,” Bing Ji Ling’s sassy electrofunk version of “Dance,” and M3’s wicked “Taliban Rockers” edit. The only way to survive Romanowski’s glorious chaos: Git on down!