Madrid’s Damián Schwartz nurtures a thumping future-retro regiment of paced soul claps and piano-enriched diffusion. In January 2008, Schwartz released Quimica Afluencia, a 12” sputtered with sibilant percussion, its musky physicality straining at minimal’s tailoring. This debut full-length furthers the fascination with condensing Chicago house’s enraptured chords and Detroit techno’s trim programming, then applying them with an atomizer before going to a tribal gathering in Berlin. Those looking for a fragrance with bass notes of Moodymann’s shuffling grooves, mid notes of Minilogue’s synthetic melody punctuation, and top notes of Ricardo Villalobos’s vocal choppiness should apply liberally, especially the tracks “Dos Dias Despues,” “Lo Que Sube Baja,” “Piece of Anything,” “Carolina’s Favorite,” and “Raw.”