Even the most profoundly idiotic black-out drunkenness results in some small lesson learned. And with the perspective gained by electroclash’s final, much-anticipated demise, we can now shamelessly enjoy-without the least bit of irony-the merits of a record like Hey Willpower’s PDA. The San Francisco group, made up of former Imperial Teen singer Will Schwartz and producer Tomo, is unabashedly pious to Prince, Cameo, and other icons of the eclectronic ’80s, when electro, freestyle, and pop gleefully top-rocked in sweat-drenched unison. Like devout contemporaries The National Trust and Chromeo, Schwartz references “Cars That Go Boom”-not in an ironic, white-label mash-up kind of way, but more as an homage by someone who actually rocked the original in a parking lot 20 years ago. At least, we hope that’s the reason.