Originally released on Melodic Records in 2003, Pedro‘s self-titled debut should be familiar territory. Rising star James Rutledge ensconced himself securely into the cadre of glitch-hoppers that includes Prefuse 73 and Four Tet, though Pedro always felt muted next to the former‘s bravado and the latter‘s maniacal grandiosity. Likewise, the album‘s Stateside release three years later doesn‘t really push boundaries, but does remind us that Rutledge‘s surgical beats and fractured pastoral melodies can hold their own. But the real gem is the accompanying & Resilience EP, featuring remixes of the LP‘s best-known track by Prefuse 73, Cherrystones, Danger Mouse, and others. Home Skillet and Four Tet offer particularly amazing stuff: one dismantles the original into thousands of grandfather clocks chiming psychotically down a rabbit hole; the other pushes further with a 21-minute build that releases fragments of Pedro‘s strings and horns into a free-jazz masterpiece.