As collaborations go, it seems unlikely that any is more democratic than Voom Voom, the joint effort (pun intended) of Peter Kruder, Christian Prommer, and Roland Appel. With the warm, electro-jazz glow of Tr├╝by Trio and the laid-back, stoned-and-throned kingdom of Kruder & Dorfmeister set against Fauna Flash’s energy and drive, Peng Peng is an album out of time and place. Future-retro-ist? With tracks perfect for Manchester ’88 (“Roger”), Berlin ’06 (“Keep the Drums Out”), or anyplace, any year, 4 a.m. (“Sao Verought”), that just may be the case. Electronic albums equally fitted for the dancefloor and drive home come rarely; Peng Peng covers both in the same track.