Never mind wondering who Power Douglas is or what Pentecostal Fangbread means; just look at the cover of this noisy NY trio’s debut–a picture of MLK’s assassination with witnesses pointing toward “Power Douglas” and two dudes on the side in a red-handed embrace–and you know you’re in for some shit. Signed to King Britt’s FiveSixMedia, Power Douglas is comprised of eccentric vocalist Furor Thin and multi-instrumentalists Tim Harp and Jesse Crawford, who compose a genre-bending hybrid of post-modern punk and hip-hop, with Furor Thin howling all kinds of weirdness (“Our manganese children fallopian powers will drown clouds!”) over skittery, distorted beats. Featuring Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio and members of Dragons of Zynth on a few tracks, Pentecostal Fangbread musically runs in a similar vein as the work of those collaborators–that is, if those collaborators were, like… insane.