Ever since The Rapture exploded onto the scene with “House of Jealous Lovers,” people have been wondering whether they could up the ante, or at least maintain their momentum from the Echoes LP. The answer to the hype? Extend-and develop-their dance formula even further. The band seems to have learned from their time spent with former producers The DFA; cowbells, 4/4 beats, and disco basslines abound. But the ultra-trendy production (by Ewan Pearson, Paul Epworth, and Danger Mouse), though facile and ear-pleasing, seems to lack some of the coherence and depth of their previous outing. This is not to say that the album is without highlights-“Whoo!” and “Get Myself” should work the floor as hard as “House” ever did-but it lacks the angst of “Olio” or the angularity of “Mirrors.” Pieces won’t alienate anybody; it may even win over a few new fans. It’s precisely the right move-safe, fun, and unchallenging.