Six years after Creating Patterns, 4Hero’s Mark (Marc Mac) Clair and Dennis (Dego) McFarlane return with their eagerly anticipated fifth LP Play With the Changes, perhaps a reference to how things have evolved for the duo over their noticeable absence. What remains the same is the pair’s penchant for crafting soulful, complex songs for an expertly assembled group of vocalists, here including Jody Watley, poetess Ursula Rucker, rappers Darien Brockington and Phonte of Little Brother, and funk legend Larry Mizell. The result is a studio-perfected and inspired exploration of various types of fusion. Leaving no stone unturned, 4Hero jumps headlong into a blend of jazz, soul, R&B, breakbeat, and funk, showing a passion for all forms of black music past and present. Once again, Marc Mac and Dego humble fans with their encyclopedic musical knowledge and masterful production.