For Poly.Sci.187, Anticon co-founder Sole reemerges with his off-and-on moniker, Mansbestfriend, delivering an instrumental album that combines dialogue samples, droning synths, and mechanical drums. But void of his witty writing and rapid-fire vocals, the 16-tracker lacks character and cohesiveness, making it a hodgepodge of mediocre beats. Songs like “Bosnian Jazz” and “The Teachings of Leviticus” are repetitive and awkwardly sequenced at times. “50 at 30” is one of a few tracks that displays smooth sound layering, but its reliance on the main samples grows tiresome. Besides “Writing Onward,” which builds with strong drums and melodic textures, other tracks are mostly forgettable. Sole is surely a creative artist, but Poly.Sci.187 is an unremarkable footnote in his otherwise strong discography.