David “Odd Nosdam” Madson’s hip-hop-laced productions often resemble a doll whose head has been replaced by a Bratz’s and has legs made of Lincoln Logs, and Pretty Swell Explode amasses the longtime Anticon producer’s remixes, b-sides, and table scraps. “Cut” and “Perfectly Pink Path” are lo-fi shoegaze masterworks, while “Bear Hug”’s loops sound like undead My Bloody Valentine guitar riffs. Madson reaches his peak in his cover of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s “Forever Heavy,” where he buries Jessica Bailiff’s nectarine-juiced vocals beneath gaseous distortion and red-eyed, hip-hop beats. Not everything clicks, namely his aimless remix of Boards of Canada’s “Dayvan Cowboy,” but as long as Madson is kept awake by too many ideas, his future looks healthy.