The Good Life Café arguably served as the most important platform for MCs from L.A. and beyond to express themselves live (albeit cuss-free) in the early ‘90s. But when the momentum of the Good Life died down some of its top alumni (Aceyalone, Mikah 9, Abstract Rude and company) went on to form their own weekly meeting place in South Central called Project Blowed. Ever since then, this mass of immensely creative MCs has had the West Coast underground on lock and Project Blowed: 10th Anniversary is a testament that the uninhibited spirit of the Blowedians hasn‘t faltered a bit. Like the original, self-titled 1995 compilation, this collection showcases a variety of new (Customer Service) and old (Aceyalone) material from these wild-styled MCs, accompanied by bouncy yet off-the-wall beats. With 20-plus engaging tracks of unadulterated hip-hop, Project Blowed continues to provide a creative outlet like none other.