While some of our obsessive colleagues continue to consume themselves with uncovering the secret identity of Plus Device, the rest of us are just too busy high-fiving each other over Puncture to care. Following their debut Body Heat EP from early 2006, Puncture gives the mystery duo ample space to really fuck shit up. “Pupil Measurement” and the original cut of “Body Heat” open the album up with a solid nod to the Bambaata-fied electro-funk styles of the mid-’80s Bronx before sliding into 808-riddled Detroit ghetto-tech bounce (“Sexual Harassment”) and classic Chi-town acid house grit (“Our Pleasure (Realization)”). And thus this lusty, three-city jet set continues, with echoes of Mantronix, Phuture, and Juan Atkins serving as the stimulant behind a phalanx of analog neck-poppers born out of a love for the music rather than some semi-informed fashion statement.