Light and dark, desolation and grace–Autechre’s see-saw tilts steadfastly into its ninth LP manifestation. Quaristice convulses between minimalist mechanics and grim, subconscious melody more sporadically than ever before. The reverse tide of “WNSN” and low-frequency polar creep of “Notwo” lubricates the hyper-electro cadence of tracks like “chenc9” and “bnc Castl,” accentuating the disintegrated nature of the album. Whereas early works like Amber and LP5 explored the fusion of fluid and mechanical textures in a cybernetic form, Quaristice seems to break that formula down and explore the components in a more vacuum-like environment. However, hybrid organisms that do emerge, like the humming, titanic “Tankakern,” move with a dark and deliberate gait, bound for many a rewind.