Listening to German tech-house, you might be led to believe that they’re a melancholy lot. Listening to their jacked electro, you might find them hedonists. But listening to production duo Mouse on Mars (aided and abetted by instrumentalists), you’d think the country was full of hiccupping and giggling oddballs. The duo’s first album since 2001, Radical Connector contains no clicks and clacks, though it does have party anthems. Idiosyncratic and out of line with anything overtly current-save electricity-the record finds MoM having a Rooty-tooty good time reconfiguring themselves as the Basement Jaxx of Germany. That is to say, Mouse on Mars’s sounds chirp crisply, distend sloppily and crunch methodically as melodies swoop in, especially on the first three manic tracks, which are rife with meticulous abandon. On Radical Connector, MoM’s car runs red hot then sputters and lurches through rhythmically rotund terrain.