With its lavender eyeliner melting in the harsh sunlight of reality, electroclash-electronic music’s dandy Dorian Gray-has moved into the old folk’s home. The kids these days are all souped on Suicide, as they embrace their new boldfaced, zeitgeist commodifying label, “electro-punk.” While T. Raumschmiere may not be the high profile scene leader needed for maximum media saturation, his original bass-belting electronic techno-punk convinced Miss Kittin to drop da Housecat off at the vet and yell all over the sultural, grabbing “The Game is Not Over.” Radio Blackout forges a fairly convincing testament to these energetic possibilities, with flurries of percussion and bazooka-like blitzkriegs of sub-gravity frequencies, it’s so fucking punk rock that promo copies were burn-proof. Expect a Ministry of Sound electro-punk compilation soon.