As a recording artist, T.Raumschmiere (Berlin’s Marco Haas) wears many hats-not just that trucker job he dons in his promo shots. Since 2000, he’s produced consistently interesting minimal techno, schaffel, gnarz, hip-hop, and ambient efforts. Here he digs 11 tracks-recorded from 1999-2005-out of his archives and they serve as an antidote to T.Raumschmiere’s misguided 2005 foray into electro-rock bluster, Blitzkrieg Pop. Random Noize is for heads who prefer Haas’ more cerebral excursions into Porter Ricks-like heroin house, Raster-Noton-esque micro-funk, and glitchy, ominous sci-fi soundtrack atmospheres. Some of his most intriguing work yet.