From Marley Marl to Nas, the notorious Queensbridge projects have sired many legends. On their third release, Infamous Mobb also shows their QB pedigree. If you like your rap gritty, you’ll appreciate Nitty, Gambino, and G.O.D.‘s tales of growing up in America’s largest housing projects. Despite the aptly titled “That Smell” (that smell is Chipmunk’d Skynyrd) the trio is backed by impressive producers, new (Steve Sola) and established (Alchemist). Erick Sermon laces the ominous “Betti Bye Bye,” while longtime affiliates Mobb Deep also show up on the Havoc-produced “Blauu!” and the Prodigy-assisted “Handle Ya Business.” But the group shines best on “Music 4 the User,” when they reveal the sensitivity beneath the harsh exterior of their reality raps.