Long before John Tejada earned his stripes in early ’00s microhouse, his sound differed little from the hordes of Clinton-era bedroom hermits who crafted techno for the smoking chair instead of the dancefloor. Recovered is a previously unreleased album from 1995, and Tejada’s influences are laid bare. “Grip” and “Tezetto” resemble b-sides from Autechre’s IDM fountainhead, Amber. Generic elements abound—filtered hi-hats that swoosh about in stereo and pinpricked melodies—but there are some inspired moments, like the dirty bass drops in “Phobia.” Modern audio software has made a glut of minute textures and superhuman rhythms available to any DIY studio tinkerer, but Recovered is a reminder that experimental electronic music was once a more simple and relaxed affair. That said, the album is more of a curiosity than a keeper.